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Detector works
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Detector is a device fluctuation detection signal in accordance with some useful information below for you to explain the working principle of the detector, so that you know more about it:
     Mainly by the detector housing, cylindrical magnet row, and a coil spring ring composed. Magnet is fixed vertically in the center of the shell, made by the upper and lower coil spring is connected with the soft shell, the shell so that it is placed between the magnet and the magnetic flux gap between the ring can move up and down. Surface seismic wave transmitted to the observation point, the detector together with the magnet housing along the vibration occurs, the coil due to inertia lag behind the magnet, relative movement between the two is formed. In such movement, the coil cutting magnetic lines induced electromotive force, and outputs the vibration corresponding to the period of the current signal through special instruments such signals may be amplified and recorded, in order to achieve the floor vibration signal into electric vibrating electromechanical conversion , picked up the seismic waves.
     Face detector works on the introduction of whether there is help at all? If you want to know more about the detector problems, please contact us.

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