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What is the geophone
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Geophone is a dedicated sensor for the measurement of geological exploration and engineering , is a kind of ground vibrations into an electrical signal , or that the mechanical energy into electricity energy conversion devices.
Seismic data acquisition system consists of sensors ( also called detector ) and digital seismographs . Detector device embedded in the ground , the ground vibrations caused by seismic waves is converted into electrical signals and electrical signals sent by cable seismograph ; digital seismograph will receive electrical signals amplified through an analog / digital converter to convert the binary data , organize data , store data .
Seismic oil exploration is one of the most commonly used method at present , and its basic principle is to use artificial earthquake vibration signals generated in the formation , according to the design requirements in a different place from the excitation point sensor arrangement ( ie geophones ) receives the vibration signal , and then butt received vibration signal processing , interpretation, based on the signal frequency , amplitude, speed and other information depth analysis of the properties of different strata , morphological structure , so as to determine whether there have initial oil generation , storage conditions , and finally provide drilling wells .

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